PRÓXIMOS EVENTOS                                     

48th Annual Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice

Start date: 29 Maio, 2019

End date: 2 Junho, 2019

Location: Philadelphia, USA

PEVoC 2019

Start date: 27 Agosto, 2019

End date: 30 Agosto, 2019

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark


                                        EVENTOS PASSADOS                                     

The 6th Occupational Voice Symposium

Start date: 26 Março, 2019

End date: 27 Março, 2019

Location: University College London, UK

XXIV Congreso Nacional de Foniatría 2018

Start date: 25 Outubro, 2018

End date: 28 Outubro, 2018

Location: Toledo, Spain

XXIV Congreso Nacional de Foniatría 2018

12th Salzburg International Voice Symposium

Start date: 24 Agosto, 2018

End date: 26 Agosto, 2018

Location: Salzburg, Austria

36th Annual PAMA International Symposium: Glamor and Grit: Building An Entourage for Health

Start date: 30 Junho, 2018

End date: 3 Julho, 2018

Location: Orange, California, USA

36th Annual PAMA International Symposium: Glamor and Grit: Building An Entourage for Health

The PAMA symposium is designed to meet the research and practice needs of physicians, therapists, athletic trainers, educators, artistic directors, and other health care and performing arts professionals who seek to improve the well-being of performing artists.

29th Congress of the Union of European Phoniatricians

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Location: Helsinki, Finland

The congress will focus on the main four main topics of our specialty. The study and treatment of voice, speech and language, hearing, and swallowing disorders. As a multidisciplinary specialty, we would like to welcome phoniatricians, laryngologists, otorhinolaryngologists, audiologists, vocologists, speech and language pathologists, acousticians, singing teachers and all those with interest in communication disorders.

29th Congress of Union of The European Phoniatricians

Start date: 13 Junho, 2018

End date: 16 Junho, 2018

Location: Helsinki, Finland

47th Annual Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice

Start date: 30 Maio, 2018

End date: 3 Junho, 2018

Location: Philadelphia, USA

47th Annual Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice

The annual symposium is a five-day meeting featuring advanced programming presented by leading professionals in the voice care field. Papers, Posters, Workshops and Panels are presented to educate the scientific and artistic communities about advances being made in voice science, care and training. Voice professionals, including surgeons, scientists, speech-language pathologists, voice teachers, performing artists and students from all over the world come to gather the most up-to-date research findings, therapeutic techniques, and improved surgical methods in the field of voice medicine.  They network with colleagues, see product demonstrations, learn cutting-edge techniques and earn continuing education credits.

12th Congress of the European Laryngological Society

Start date: 16 Maio, 2018

End date: 19 Maio, 2018

Location: London, UK

12th Congress of the European Laryngological Society

8th Winter Days of Laryngology

Start date: 17 Janeiro, 2018

End date: 20 Janeiro, 2018

Location: Crans Montana, Switzerland

VII World Voice Consortium Congress – New Integrated Challenges in Voice Science and Care

Start date: 8 Dezembro, 2017

End date: 10 Dezembro, 2017

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

For professionals focusing on normal verbal communication.

Disorders specifically related with the human voice.

Voice issues important to practices in the modern world.

  •   WVC is a worldwide, non-profit, non-political, non- governmental organization concerned with scientific professional and clinical voice issues.

  •   WVC promotes voice care, voice research and voice disorders prevention.

  •   WVC aims at establishing worldwide minimum requirement, diagnostic, therapeutic, habilitative, re-habilitative, preventive aspects. Public health aspects affecting the human voice.

  •   WVC stimulates education, disseminates information and initiates and coordinates meetings and global congresses.

  •   WVC promotes the contacts among the various voice disciplines (art, science, medicine, IT, etc.), by stimulating interdisciplinary scientific voice research.

  •   As an umbrella organization of voice matters the World Voice Consortium is concerned with wide aspects of voice, from the development of voice in children, functional, psychosomatic and neurological voice disorders to issues of the singing and the artistic voice.

    Verbal Communication would not be possible without a human voice, therefore the Voice is especially important for modern societies, also with consideration for the advances in artificial intelligence. Focused upon in both the VIII Annual COST related Symposium & VII World Voice Consortium 2017.